The Four Voices Solution, Keynote Speaking, Governance, Stewardship & Succession.

Four Voices advisory offer a range of seminars focused on sharing the four voices methodology a to better manage love, loyalty, wealthy and succession. Our informative and engaging seminars are targeted towards families, families in business, and families going through the transition of succession from one generation to the next. We offer three types of learning events available in person or via video link.


Two hours


Half day


Full day

Our learning and sharing programs provide insights and strategies for individuals and families to overcome challenges that might exist relating to governance, stewardship, and succession.

With over three decades of experience working with many of Australian’s most successful, wealthy, and enduring family dynasties, John Vamos is perfectly places to share the unique challenges of family business and how to permanently solve them. To find out more or book a session please email

Four Voices advisory also provide more in-depth training to private organisations and families in business so they can use the four voices methodology to apply solutions to their business.

Personal Planning:

  • How to give the individuals (founder and family members) a voice. Creating a personal plan for each individual helps everyone to achieve their future of choice.
  • How to realise the benefits of goal setting.
  • How each family member can best share and communicate their goals to the rest of the family/business.

Our interactive programs are customised based on your requirements and are designed to support and train families on: Personal planning, organisational strategy and design, governance frameworks, stewardship training and succession planning.

Organisational Strategy.

  • How to give the business (or balance sheet) a voice by establishing a strategic plan that helps an organisation achieve its future of choice.
  • How to realise the benefits of building and delivering on strategic plans
  • How to best share and communicate strategic goals with the business and family.

Governance, Stewardship and Succession Planning:

  • Why governance is so crucial.
  • How to realise the benefits of establishing frameworks for effective governance
  • How to establish a family council and why.
  • How to give the family a collective voice through the development of a family charter.
  • How to give the family community a voice via the Family Retreat.
  • How to develop effective succession plans.
  • The benefit of professional objectivity and a balanced strategic focus.
  • Models to assist families manage love, loyalty and wealth™.

Our learning & development programs can be customised to meet your learning requirements. We offer three types of learning programs available in person or via video link.

Four Voices advisory’s will work with you to implement the methodology and realise the solution. Once we have finished working with you:

Voice 1 | Strategic Planning:

In order to establish a voice for the organisation, we can support you by facilitating a comprehensive long-term strategic plan that identifies where your business is now, where you want it to be in the future and how best to get there.

In a practical and interactive one or two-day workshop, we will; reflect on the past (what needs to stay), consider the market landscape in which business must be done (a confluence of trends and pressures we cannot control), describe with three dimensional clarity the style of business they must build for the future (to be relevant, sustainable and profitable in that market), and finally, develop the tactics for the short and medium term that will prepare everyone for that future!

This process ensures that your executive team has shared ownership in the strategic choices and their consequent implementation. As a result, it becomes a clear and specific living document that unifies, aligns, and motivates everyone toward the mutually agreed future of your organisation. Crucially, our facilitators will also follow up with regular progress meetings with the teams to ensure the plans are being implemented.

We can help you do this through our facilitation and advisory services that are designed to create even more business success, longevity, and family unity.

Voice 2 | Personal Planning:

We believe that true success is achieved when delivering in one part of our life does not come at the expense of another. If the only way to achieve career success is to decimate our home life, then, clearly that’s not success and it’s certainly not the makings of happiness and contentment. Our Personal Planning program helps individuals make important decisions about personal and professional priorities. This program is highly beneficial for individuals to find their voice in a family business environment.

The practical and intensive program begins with a one-day off-site session that examines the different aspects of your life and defines your goals in each of them. The result is a professional and personal plan identifying your key challenges and the required strategies/tactics to overcome them. The process is non-judgemental and does not subscribe to any inherited philosophy about ‘Life Balance’. Instead, it allows you to be the sole author of how success is defined for you.

The program equips and empowers each individual to take control of their personal and professional life with a clear five-year plan articulating where they want to be and how they are going to get there.

Voice 3 | Family Charter

The Family Charter is a facilitated agreement that documents the expectations of the family, thereby giving the family a voice. The charter establishes the business as a definable and important asset that deserves to have shareholders treat it with objectivity and respect. It defends family members employed in the business from conflict and interference, whilst ensuring they are accountable to the shareholder family. These valuable tools provide a family with a voice to ensure individual and business decisions do not take precedence over family connectivity and unity

Voice 4 | Family Community

Business is complicated at the best of times, add family to the mix and complexity and uncertainty increases. Make that family enterprise successful and the creation of significant wealth makes can make the dynamics even more complicated. Add wider family members via partners and children and it is very easy to see how this can become a recipe for disaster. By working with the wider family community everyone in the family has a voice and feels part of the developing legacy.

The purpose of any advisory board is to provide a governance framework for critical decision making in the best interest of key stakeholders.
Whether it is a company board or family board, four voices advisory offer a long term partnered approach.

The benefits from engaging with our advisory services include:

  • A meeting rhythm that is consistent and effective from a shareholder perspective
  • Minutes and true records of regular board and family council meetings
  • A reporting framework that meets the standards expected by all shareholders
  • Overseeing lively debate on the identification and assessment of various strategies for the business and family
  • A mentoring resource to the key stakeholders throughout the engagement

We do this by providing independent chair and stewardship services based on a set tenure that meets the needs of the shareholders. The role of stewardship is crucial as the family enterprise develops across multiple generations. We provide support and guidance to ensure the stewardship role is fulfilled effectively to allow all voices to be heard.