Praise for FOUR VOICES

John’s most recent publication is fast gathering momentum. The book has been welcomed by those that have already applied John’s ‘Succession Science’ to their and their families advantage.

These readers regard the book as both a refreshing reminder of the journey they have been on, as well as a source of additional insights.
Beyond that, practitioners and families that are new to John’s unique concepts are finding answers in the book, the first of its kind because it doesn’t just explain the problem and solutions (as many have tried!). It goes much further.

Of course it does lay clear both the problem and solution, however, this publication also then provides the play book for successful activation of proper Family Governance.

Here is what some of them have to say:

This book is a must read for anyone involved in or interested in the dynamics of a family business. John clearly explains the terrain of what can be a very confusing and emotional situation and outlines how good governance can make it all straightforward. I highly recommend it.
Darlene S Mayer

I just wanted to firstly thank you, and secondly compliment you on your authorship success. I have almost finished your latest publication “Four Voices” and I must say it is absolutely brilliant, and even though I am somewhat removed from the subject matter, the relatability is there in terms of the beautiful mindfulness qualities surrounding managing the human condition, which shine from the pages of the book

Four Voices shows an acute understanding of the complexities that lie within a multi-generational family business and offers reasonable and practical solutions to creating a fool proof succession plan. John is the Yoda of family business!
Samuel J Lentini

Four Voices by John Vamos has really changed the way I think about inter-generational wealth. After reading this book I was inspired to change some of our structure in order to separate some of the influences between family and business, wealth and governance to set ourselves up for success as we begin the transfer of wealth between generations. This book is a must read for anyone wanting to set up their kids for success.
Luke Geelan

Four Voices is fantastic summary of the complexity facing family business here in Australia regarding governance, succession & intergeneration wealth transfer. Navigating the complexities and emotional roller coaster is difficult for all families in business and for those that surround them – incl. family members, the business team members and the trusted external advisers. Four Voices and it’s author John provides clever frameworks to practically apply to assist and guide these families to a commercial & personal outcome. A very worthwhile read for all family business advisers and families in business. Highly recommended.
Scott Young

John’s knowledge of the human mind and our hard wired behaviours, both at work and at home, is very enlightening and beneficial. It resonated for me not just in the business of managing succession, but in the everyday living . I recommend John’s ‘guide book’ highly. Our family members and my six sons have all benefitted from reading The Four Voices.
Ross Colosimo

Four Voices provides us with a with a calm, methodical and practical approach to successfully navigating the ins and outs of family and complexity when significant family enterprise is involved. The book is supported with case studies and anecdotes that bring the issues to life - John's experience working for decades with clients is evident throughout
Alan Duncan

John has written a very practical guide to a facilitation of wealth transfer through generations. The book recognizes that each family will face challenges that are unique to that family but can apply a collaborative framework to optimize outcomes for each individual family member, and the family as a whole. John understands that the subject of succession planning is uncomfortable for many people and the book acknowledges that non-financial legacies are also important. Four Voices is a great guide for any adviser looking to add value to a long term relationship with any family group.
Geoff Stein

There is no question that following John’s advice will create a better business and family life!
Steve Vamos