The ideal starting point for your Governance Journey

You don’t THINK as smart as you ARE.

The first book “You Don’t think as Smart as You Are” is an expose on the gap between our performance and potential. This gap provides the common theme that permeates each of the three books. It introduces the ‘Five Limitations’ of the mind and the hidden conspiracy in which they partner to diminish our effectiveness.

Elephants and the Business Laws of Nature

The second instalment “Elephants and the Business Laws of Nature” dives deep into discovering the impact of these five limitations, on workgroups. The obstacles to workgroup effectiveness are explained, at their evolutionary core, their impact analysed, mediating strategies clearly laid out for all to see.


Audio Book now available on Audible and Amazon

The third instalment “Four Voices” once again explores the limitations and their impact on our performance and effectiveness. However now we migrate, from the individual in book one, past the workgroup in book two and into the family and the generations that govern and grapple with wealth and succession.

Four Voices was recently awarded as a finalist in the Australia Business Book Awards.